Policies and Procedures


It is understood and agreed that any of the REE classes, or portions of a class, may be recorded for quality assurance purposes by the Director of Education at Real Estate Educators.


It is understood and agreed that each student will perform at their best for the duration of each class; this includes both in attendance and in academics. You must be in attendance at least 90% of the time. You must complete the Final with at least a 75% score. You shall participate in all group work assignments during class and shall participate in all unit quizzes outside of the classroom.


It is understood and agreed that the entire tuition is due and payable before the first class session. All requests for cancellation, refund, or transfers must be made by email (info@realestateeducators.org) as we don’t accept phone call requests. Cancellation or withdrawal by a registrant at least three days before the first class session will result in a 100% refund of tuition fees paid minus a $25 cancellation processing fee. Cancellation or withdraw by a registrant two days or less before the first session starts will result in a 75% refund of tuition fees paid. No refund will be given once the first class session begins and tuition will not be transferred to any other course or program. LATE REGISTRATIONS: In the rare case when course registration fee is received after the first class session begins it is subject to an additional $10 late registration fee. RETURNED CHECKS: any check returned to the school, for any reason, will result in an additional charge of $25. In the event of cancellation of a course or program by the school, all enrolled students will receive a 100% tuition refund.


Students will be charged $35 for any classes registered for and not attended, unless cancelled via email (info@realestateeducators.org) in advance of the start time of the first class.


Once books have been received, the aforementioned books are not returnable, refundable, or exchangeable. The cost of the textbook is $35 & workbook is $25 (where applicable).


May be emailed to you for course work; feel free to print or download said materials.


We use a program to randomize both the questions and answer choices for each student final. Before sending the final to the student via email, the instructor has the student perform a scan of the room and of their working area. The students are reminded the proctors can/will communicate via chat/verbally during the exam if needed. Students are reminded that at no time during the test are any unauthorized persons are permitted in the room during the 90-minute final exam.

The testing rules are as follows:

  1. All personal items must be removed from the work area.
  2. No bathroom breaks during the exam.
  3. Students are not permitted to leave the screen for any reason.
  4. Students should refrain from wearing earphones, earbuds, hoods, caps, hats, sunglasses, etc.
  5. Students are to keep both hands on or above the desktop during the final exam.
  6. Talking and/or whispering is not permitted during the exam.
  7. If a student requires assistance at anytime during the final the student has the ability to reach either instructor via chat / text / email / phone call.
Violating any of these rules will result in a warning and/or may result in an automatic failure for the course.


Transcripts will be issued ASAP, but within 30 days of successful completion of the course(s) for which the student is enrolled. No transcript will be issued if the student does not successfully complete the course(s). In addition, no student will be issued a transcript unless all financial obligations have been met prior to course completion. The student agrees to abide by the rules & regulations of the school as may be established from time to time in connection with the course. The school shall have the right to terminate this agreement at any time if the student (I) violates any rule or regulation established by the school in connection with the course; (II) fails to advance satisfactorily in the course as demonstrated by test scores or (III) demonstrates a lack of commitment to the learning process. In the event of termination for any of the above reasons, the school shall refund the unearned portion of the tuition paid, in accordance with the aforementioned refund policy. The school shall not bound by any agreement or representation other than those specified in this agreement. To get information about filing a complaint against the school, you can call the Real Estate Commission at 1-800-822-2113.


To the extent allowed by law, students agree to indemnify and hold harmless Real Estate Educators (REE), its employees, instructors, or any other person against any and all claims, loss, damage, injury, cost, charges, liability or exposure, however caused, resulting from or arising out of or in any way connected with classes (prelicense, broker, or continuing education) at REE.